Welcoming CSIRO's Climate Announcement

26 Apr 2016 Media release

CSIRO’s announcement of a new Climate Science Centre in Hobart, including guaranteed research capability for ten years, will help secure Australia’s capability to understand and project future climate.

Welcoming CSIRO’s announcement, which has been supported by Australia’s Chief Scientist, Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Christopher Pyne said the Centre’s research would help guide decision making around land-use, where and how infrastructure is built and the viability of new technologies and approaches to carbon abatement.

“Australia’s whole research sector – supported by the Australian Government’s annual investment in science, research and innovation of almost $10 billion – contributes to this vital national capability,” Mr Pyne said.

“I welcome CSIRO’s decision and announcement. As the CEO of CSIRO, Dr Larry Marshall has said, it is critical that the CSIRO continue to work in this space, and this announcement today fulfils that commitment. It means that Australia’s foremost research agency will continue to underpin and provide leadership in an area that impacts all of us.

“Throughout its history the CSIRO has independently made decisions about how best to direct its efforts and resources to meet Australia’s needs – this operational decision is another example of this.”

In addition to CSIRO’s announcement that it will focus its future climate research efforts in the new Hobart-based Climate Science Centre, a new independent National Climate Science Advisory Committee will be established to inform the future direction of Australia’s climate science capability and research priorities.

The new independent Committee will work across the research sector to provide advice on a nationally aligned and integrated approach to climate science.

“The new National Climate Science Advisory Committee will boost collaboration and its advice will be important to both operational and future policy decisions.”