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In 1993, at the age of 25, Christopher Pyne was elected to the House of Representatives for the seat of Sturt.
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The search for Pemulwuy's Skull continues. Find out where we're up to.
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As Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Christopher regularly appears in the media. Keep up to date here.
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Did you know that I have been campaigning for the return of Aboriginal leader Pemulwuy's skull who famously fought against the early British settlers in colonial Sydney and Parramatta from 1788 until his death in 1802? Find out about this issue and more in my local issues page.


PVO NewsDay

12 Oct 2015 Transcript News item Transcript
PETER VAN ONSELEN: We're talking now to the manager of government business in the House of Representatives live from his offices there..
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Today Show

09 Oct 2015 Transcript News item Transcript
KARL STEFANOVIC: For more, we’re joined by Industry Minister Christopher Pyne and Shadow Transport Minister, Anthony Albanese, gentlemen, good morning nice to see you.
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