Community Commemorative Grant Awarded to Rose Court Aged Care

18 Oct 2018

It is great to hear that a Community Commemorative Grant of $369 has been awarded to the Rose Court Aged Care in the Sturt electorate. This grant will be used to fund a project that will be undertaken by Rose Court Aged Care for the installation of a flagpole, to be used in particular on ANZAC and Remembrance Day in particular.

This grant is being awarded under the category of Saluting Their Service (STS) Commemorations, a program initiated by the Australian Government with the aim of honouring the service and sacrifice of Australia’s service men and women, and promoting appreciation and understanding of the role that those who served have played in shaping the Australia we live in today.

This is a great initiative for the commemoration of those who have made sacrifices for our country, and I am glad that an organisation in Sturt is able to use this grant to more effectively honour Australia’s service men and women on two important national days.