Were weapons used in SA violent crime missed by customs?

Budgetary cuts and a refocussing of customs and border protection resources to stop the influx of boats arriving due to Labor’s changes to the Coalition’s tough border protection laws may have delivered more firearms into the hands of violent criminals in Adelaide.

Adelaide has been under siege in recent months as violent criminals have fought bikie gang wars on our streets.

The weapons used may well have arrived in Australia undetected due to the strain on border protection agencies as a direct result of Labor’s policy decisions.

New South Wales has also suffered through a spate of violent gun attacks and it has been discovered that guns delivered from overseas to a suburban post office were used in these crimes.

The Australian people depend on customs and border protection agencies to intercept these deadly weapons, but we know that budget cuts for these agencies have seen at least a 75 per cent reduction in air cargo inspections and at least a 25 per cent reduction in sea cargo inspections.

These same agencies are also under immense pressure due to the failed border protection policies of the government resulting in a surge in illegal boats.

Violent criminals and organised crime have been given an unfair advantage thanks to this Government’s inability to do something as fundamental as defending borders.

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Written and authorised by Hon Christopher Pyne MP, 429 Magill Road, St Morris SA 5068

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