What happens to underperformers Mr Garrett?

The Gillard Government is playing catch-up in the teacher quality debate following the Minister for School Education, Peter Garrett’s declaration earlier this week that teachers do not need to be “particularly smart”.

“There is no doubt Mr Garrett’s monumental clanger has sparked this flurry of activity in the teacher quality debate,” said the Shadow Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne.

“Parents around Australia were flabbergasted at Mr Garrett’s support for mediocre teaching,” he said.

“Teacher quality is an area the Coalition flagged last month as central to improving student outcomes and would be a key focus of a Coalition Government.  

“While I am glad the Coalition is setting the education agenda in Australia and welcome steps towards improving teacher quality, Mr Garrett needs to answer one question: What will happen to the teachers found to be underperformers under Labor’s assessment framework?

“The Coalition supports giving principals and schools the power to manage out underperformers.

“Without giving schools the power to reward high achievers and manage out underperformers, Labor’s teacher quality framework just sounds like a lot of paperwork,” Mr Pyne said. 

August 3, 2012

Written and authorised by Hon Christopher Pyne MP, 429 Magill Road, St Morris SA 5068

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