The Coalition will provide Funding Certainty for Schools

A Coalition government will provide Australian schools, teachers, students and their parents with the certainty they deserve.

Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard have made a mess of their attempts to deliver the ‘Gonski’ reforms. 

So far they have agreed to four different funding models with four different jurisdictions.

Six different deals have been entered into with the four governments of South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory and the two major non-government school bodies.

And no agreement has been reached with the governments of Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory.

If elected, the Coalition will:

  • ensure Commonwealth schools funding committed by Labor for school year 2014 will flow to all states and territories irrespective of whether they have signed a deal with the Gillard or Rudd Government;
  • amend the Australian Education Act to ensure the states, territories and non-government sectors keep authority for their schools; and
  • match the Commonwealth funding for schools committed by Labor over the forward estimates.

This will provide schools and parents with the funding certainty they deserve. It means that the Coalition will match Labor dollar-for-dollar over the next four years. 

We will work cooperatively and constructively with all states and territories to negotiate a fair and sustainable national funding model.

This will not be Labor’s Canberra takeover of state schools, but a fair national funding model that delivers better outcomes for students.

The Coalition want schools to deliver better quality education through better teaching, better teachers, more community engagement, and more principal autonomy as well as through fair funding.

Only the Coalition will work cooperatively with all the states and territories to deliver this.

2 August 2013

Written and authorised by Hon Christopher Pyne MP, 429 Magill Road, St Morris SA 5068

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