Spotlight on Labor’s education lies

Kevin Rudd and the Labor Party have continued their relentless campaign of lies and negativity, releasing a new advertisement that makes a mockery of the Prime Minister’s promise for ‘A New Way’.

The advertisement claims Australian schools will be worse off under a Coalition Government.

This is blatantly false.

CLAIM: ‘Tony Abbott will…cut funding to every school in Australia which means bigger classes, less teachers, less support staff, less programs.

FACT: The Coalition is matching Labor dollar for dollar over the forward estimates. We will also ensure Commonwealth schools funding committed for the 2014 school year will flow to all states and territories, irrespective of whether they have signed a deal with Labor.

Further, we have committed to amending the Australian Education Act to ensure the states, territories and non-government sectors keep authority for their schools.

This scare campaign shows how desperate Labor is to distract from its dismal record on education.

Childcare Centres
Labor promised to end the double drop-off by building 260 childcare centres, but gave up after building only 38.

Student results
After five years, both international and national testing data shows that student achievement in Australia has either flatlined or declined.

Literacy and numeracy
Labor’s $540 million literacy and numeracy programme failed to improve student outcomes. An independent performance audit of the programme which examined national testing data from 2008 to 2011 concluded the programme did not make a statistically significant improvement in any State.

Cash for ‘most improved schools’ programme
As part of a deal brokered with regional Independents in order to secure office in 2010, Labor promised that a third of cash bonuses of up to $70,000 per school set aside for ‘school improvement’ would be paid to regional schools. Not one school received a cash bonus as promised at the last election before the policy was scrapped, let alone the regional schools.

Teacher bonus programme
Not one teacher has been paid a cash bonus as promised at the last election before the policy was dumped in the Budget.

Teach Next
It was sent to the policy dustbin in the pre-election economic outlook and funding has been redirected to Teach for Australia, which the Coalition suggested should have happened in the first place.

International education
Labor has failed to protect one of our most important export sectors. The cumulative loss in education exports has, so far, been $4.8 billion (to December 2012).

And let’s not forget that when Kevin Rudd was a senior bureaucrat for former Queensland Premier Goss, he closed 46 schools.

30 August 2013

Written and authorised by Hon Christopher Pyne MP, 429 Magill Road, St Morris SA 5068

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