Religious freedom under threat in schools

The findings of a Labor-Greens dominated Senate Committee throw into question another of Julia Gillard’s commitments to non-government school groups.


“In the last few weeks the Prime Minister gave assurances that the religious exemption in anti-discrimination legislation would be maintained,” said the Shadow Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne today. 


“Now it appears the Government is wavering on the issue, with the Attorney-General ignoring the Coalition’s call to clarify Labor’s position,” Mr Pyne said.


“Parents who make the decision to have their child educated at a particular church school feel strongly that the teachers share the beliefs of that faith,” he said.


“All of this harks back to the 2010 promise Julia Gillard made to the Australian Christian Lobby that the Government if re-elected would not tamper with the school chaplaincy programme.


“The reality is Labor watered down the programme to include school counsellors. It was another clear broken promise by Julia Gillard.


“If parents or schools are in any doubt about whether the Prime Minister can be trusted to defend religious freedom and choice in education, then they need look no further than her record,” Mr Pyne said. 


February 22, 2013 

Written and authorised by Hon Christopher Pyne MP, 429 Magill Road, St Morris SA 5068

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