BER a byword for incompetence

Australians are again reminded of the colossal waste and mismanagement in the School Hall programme today with another $12 million of investment wasted due to school closures and 154 primary schools with unfinished projects three years after the programme commenced.

“Spending taxpayer funds in schools that subsequently close is another example of the poor planning and waste that has dogged this programme from day one,” said Shadow Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne. 

“Coupled with the revelation that there are 154 unfinished projects in what was first and foremost an economic stimulus, including 12 projects that were meant to be completed in 2010 highlights again the Gillard Government’s incompetence,” Mr Pyne said.

“Even Julia Gillard’s own investigation into BER waste found billions of dollars evaporated as Government schools hamstrung by bureaucracy consistently paid more and got less when compared to the non-government sector,” he said.  

“The true extent of BER losses will never be known, but it was overseen by the Prime Minister who denied daily that problems were occurring and accused the Coalition and media of making it all up, which has become a very familiar refrain from Labor.

“It seems not a month can go by without more examples of BER waste being revealed. The BER has become the byword for Government waste and mismanagement,” Mr Pyne said.

June 4, 2012

Written and authorised by Hon Christopher Pyne MP, 429 Magill Road, St Morris SA 5068

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