Campaigns & Petitions

The internet is a fantastic resource to raise awareness about local issues that concern residents of Sturt. Over the years I have organised a number of petitions and campaigns on various issues such as the re-surfacing of Waterfall Gully Road and improving the water infrastructure in South Australia.

With the help of local organisations and residents we have also been successful in achieving results locally including the streetscape upgrade of Gage Street and the State Government's purchase of Lot 100 at the entrance of Morialta Conservation Park.

Our water infrastructure petition received over 10,000 signatures and along with the work of the State Opposition, lead to the begrudung agreement by the State Government to build a desalination plant. 10,000 signatures was a strong indication about what mattered to locals in Sturt.

Please find below a number of other petitions I am distributing throughout the electorate of Sturt. If any are subject to an issue concerning you, I encourage you to sign the petition and mail it to my electorate office at 429 Magill Road, ST MORRIS, SA, 5068.

Graves St/Newton Road Petition

This petition draws attention to the increased traffic and congestion at the intersection of Graves Street and Newton Road. It has created a hazardous situation for pedestrians and vehicles. Vehicles, especially large public transport buses and commercial vehicles, have difficulty turning right from Graves Street on to Newton Road. This causes traffic to bank up and impatient road users to take unnecessary risks and endanger lives. The community has several elderly pedestrian and motorists who find it increasingly more difficult to safely negotiate the vehicular movement.

It request calls for the support of this important community issue and encourage the State Government of South Australia to ensure that traffic lights are installed on the corner of Graves Street and Newton Road as soon as possible.

Click here to download and sign the petition in support of the installation of traffic lights on Graves St/Newton Road

Dernancourt Shopping Centre Traffic Lights

This petition draws attention to the dangerous situation created by the lack of traffic lights near the entrance to the Dernancourt Shopping Centre in Dernancourt.  The petition calls upon the Government of South Australia to install traffic lights to ensure the safe passage of vehicles entering and exiting the Dernancourt Shopping Centre.

Click here to download and sign the petition in support of traffic lights being installed near the Dernancourt Shopping Centre

Margaret Bond Oval Upgrade Petition

This petition draws to the attention of the City of Burnside Council that the Margaret Bond Oval in Glenside is in need of an upgrade. The poor condition of the oval and facilities is preventing local sports clubs who use the grounds from attracting more members and expanding. Players regularly suffer ankle injuries due to potholes on the field, while at times the clubs need to reschedule their games because the surface is too wet and dangerous to play on.

Click here to download and sign my petition for the upgrade of Margaret Bond Oval in Glenside

 Preserve our open spaces Petition

Help to keep sports and recreation areas open for everyone to use in our community.

Click here to download and sign my petition to keep sports and recreation facilities free from development






Written and authorised by Hon Christopher Pyne MP, 429 Magill Road, St Morris SA 5068

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